A Letter to My Clients

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I am pleased that I am establishing my law firm, Todd Sponseller | Attorney with several clients who elected to stay with me after my departure from the previous firm. If you have made it here and are reading this, I want you to know how proud I am that you have decided to stay with me. This is a very exciting time for me as I launch my own law practice, and there is a lot for me to do.  Nevertheless, I want to let you know that I am ready to continue my representation of you without interruption.

You are very important to me, and I want you to feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions about your case(s). I look forward to continuing to work for you as your lawyer. I will work hard and smart to get you the best possible result. Thank you for your continued confidence in me.

If you are not a client of mine and you are reading this, congratulations! You have reached the web based presence of Todd Sponseller | Attorney, the newest law firm in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Please have a look around and come back and visit this blog again- I am planning on updating regularly with information about the firm, information about the law (but not legal advice!), and other topics. If you have a question, go to the contacts page and drop me an email. Or call the office (located at 223 Lincoln Way East, Suite A in Chambersburg). I do free consultations, over the phone, in the office, or wherever is convenient for you. I look forward to talking with you!

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