My Office = Your Kitchen Table

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As I sit writing this blog entry in my “office away from my office” (my wife’s family business, Sunset Metal Works), I reflect on the last several weeks since deciding to establish my own practice. A lot has happened and it has happened fast.  One week ago, I still didn’t know exactly where for certain the physical location of Todd Sponseller | Attorney was going to be (I know now that I will be located at 223 Lincoln Way East, Suite A in Chambersburg). But that didn’t keep me from attending to my clients and addressing their needs, answering their questions.

During this ramp-up period to throwing open the doors to Todd Sponseller | Attorney, I have had several opportunities for home visits with my clients. And that is a practice I intend to continue once the office is open. There can be lots of reasons for home visits with clients. If they are injured and can’t make it out, they have to be home with their children or a relative for whom they care, or they work all day and it is just easier for me to come and see them at home and after the office is closed.  For me it is a way of putting my clients’ needs first and getting accomplished what needs to be accomplished with all practicality and efficacy.

I do home and hospital visits. Any time during normal business hours; or after hours or over the weekend. It is part of the ONE ON ONE ATTENTION you get with Todd Sponseller | Attorney.

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