Football Game Breakdowns & Old Jail Shakedown

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Another week has gone by without a new post to the blog on my site.  I have been pretty busy organizing things here and signing up some new clients. But I know I have to get some posting done.  So in the interest of keeping at the top of Google’s list and keeping Todd Sponseller | Attorney in the Top of Mind Awareness, I’ll scribble out a few things.

First, Congratulations to the West Virginia Mountaineers for their smashing victory over the Bulls of the University of South Florida. It is our first Big East victory and a great start to conference play. Also, the energy of the crowd at Mountaineer Field was palpable even through the TV. This is a marked difference from the first game of the season against Costal Carolina. Way to Go! Keep up the LOUD NOISES!

Second, it is an event filled weekend here in Chambersburg. First, it is Homecoming for CASHS, so folks should try to head out and watch the Trojans take on our arch rivals from Carlisle. Also during the game, the National Honors Society will be having the Trojan Huddle- a tailgating tent. There will be refreshments (the kind you would expect on CASHS property), vintage yearbooks, and tours of the school’s new facilities. Please plan to stop by. Especially if you graduated in the late 1980’s, we were woefully under-represented last year!

Also, tomorrow is Apple Fest in downtown Chambersburg. I am not entirely sure what all is planned but I would expect that apple butter, apple cider, apple sauce and apple pies will somehow be involved. Also, I saw some antique steam engines rolling into town on flatbeds this morning, so if you like that kind of technology, come and check it out.

My friends at The Roy Pitz are also throwing their Shakedown at the Old Jail Saturday afternoon. There will hopefully be some Old Jail Ale and other Roy Pitz brews; BBQ from the Humble Grill; Tuscarora Winery; bluegrass music; tours of the jail, John Brown House, and the Roy Pitz Brewery. Also TODD SPONSELLER | ATTORNEY will be on hand to discuss your legal questions with you! You definitely want to check that out! (disclaimer: NOT legal advice, nor will it establish an attorney/client relationship with my firm). $20.00 per ticket for the Shakedown, you know what that means…

Also a quick thanks to the community at large for the overwhelmingly positive responses to the establishment of this firm. Lots of well-wishes, positive feedback and compliments on the website, billboards and other marketing efforts. THANK YOU!!!

The weather is looking good this weekend, so everyone get out and do something! Have a safe and fun weekend!


TS|A Campaigns: Billboards, Newspaper, Email & Social Medias!

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This will be a short one. I am traveling out of town tomorrow and will be gone for the weekend. Nevertheless, I wanted to bring my readers’ attention to a couple of things. First, there are a couple of billboards that have sprung up around town with my smiling visage on them.  At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about being on a billboard, but as a result of some convincing by my marketing guru, I took the plunge.  Be looking for them! Also, become a fan of TS|A on Facebook

The second item is that Todd Sponseller |Attorney will be featured in the new business spotlight in this Saturday’s Public Opinion.  Aside from the inclusion of my new law firm, the newest in Franklin County, PA, this is a great feature which showcases new businesses in the area, giving them the boost of that much-needed publicity. Check it out every Saturday!

Item three is that an email blast announcing the establishment of Todd Sponseller |Attorney went out to all the members of the Franklin County Bar Association with emails. I already got some words of encouragement from several members of the bar, which is awesome. I’ll try to get out some personal responses asap, but in the meantime, thank you very much!

Finally, WVU plays against UNLV in Morgantown on Saturday. I know nothing about UNLV, and I am not really sure how this match transpired, nor have I had time to do the research. Nevertheless, it will be on the BigEast Network and probably streamed online somewhere.  I’ll be listening on satellite radio. So Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers!!!!


The doors are open in downtown Chambersburg!

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Well, a lot has happened since my last entry a week ago. The Mountaineers hung in against LSU better than I thought they would and succeeded in not getting entirely trounced by the Tigers.

More importantly however, TODAY, OCTOBER 1, 2010, TODD SPONSELLER | ATTORNEY GOES LIVE in downtown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Sure, I have been meeting and signing up a few clients over the last month. But today, the doors are open. On my list- get some things filed in West Virginia and get my office here organized. The latter is a pretty daunting task. I have discovered over the last month that the establishment of a law firm is its own undertaking. I am sure that the years to come will provide me with quite the education in law practice management.

I am located at 223 Lincoln Way East, Suite A in Chambersburg, within the law firm of Sponseller/Graham. I do not yet have a phone or fax number, nor do I have a computer network. Right now, TS|A is lean and mean-run from a Dell laptop and an iPhone. As soon as I have that contact information, it will be posted here on my website as well as the FaceBook page for TS|A.

UPDATE:  TS|A law practice can be reached at: 717.446.0782 | phone and 717.446.0795 | fax.

In the meantime, I want to give a shout out to those who have helped get us to where we are – God, my wife Laura, our families, everyone who wrote notes or emails of encouragement when the website went live last week or following Monday’s friends and family email blast, those of you who called in congratulations, those of you who have offered suggestions and advice on going solo, 2nd Floor, Global Data, Sunset Metal Works, the law firm of Sponseller/Graham for the office space, and of course my clients, new and old. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.


West Virginia Mountaineers

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Saturday night at 9 pm, the number 22 (AP) ranked West Virginia Mountaineers go up against the number 15 (AP) ranked Tigers of LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although the Mounties have managed to remain undefeated this season thus far, they have played teams that as of yet failed to appear in the top 25- Costal Carolina, Marshall and Maryland. Saturday, the will face the south’s most hostile audience- 93,000 Tigers fans in Tiger Stadium.

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My Office = Your Kitchen Table

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As I sit writing this blog entry in my “office away from my office” (my wife’s family business, Sunset Metal Works), I reflect on the last several weeks since deciding to establish my own practice. A lot has happened and it has happened fast.  One week ago, I still didn’t know exactly where for certain the physical location of Todd Sponseller | Attorney was going to be (I know now that I will be located at 223 Lincoln Way East, Suite A in Chambersburg). But that didn’t keep me from attending to my clients and addressing their needs, answering their questions.

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A Letter to My Clients

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I am pleased that I am establishing my law firm, Todd Sponseller | Attorney with several clients who elected to stay with me after my departure from the previous firm. If you have made it here and are reading this, I want you to know how proud I am that you have decided to stay with me. This is a very exciting time for me as I launch my own law practice, and there is a lot for me to do.  Nevertheless, I want to let you know that I am ready to continue my representation of you without interruption.

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